Fall Into the Baltimore Book Festival with the MWA

Howdy Maryland Writers! It’s that time, again. I can already smell all those books, crisp, yet stale, piled and stacked in the shadow of the Washington Monument. The Baltimore Book Festival is almost upon us, and we here at the Baltimore Chapter have ways for you to get involved.

First and foremost, we need volunteers to man the MWA booth/tent throughout the weekend. If you do volunteer, you are welcome to bring your own publications to sell, while you’re there. Please understand that if you bring books to sell, you will be responsible for all transactions. If you are interested in volunteering, please email our Secretary, Neal Patterson (neal.j.patterson@gmail.com), with your availability. He will put together a schedule, which we will make public well before BBF weekend (hopefully). Unless you request otherwise, you will be scheduled for a two-hour slot.

Now, what many have been waiting for: your chance to read at the Baltimore Book Festival. We will be closing out the festival on Sunday, September 30 at 5:30pm on the City Lit Stage with our presentation of:

Me, Myself & I: The Art of the Monologue

Everyone enjoys a good rant, whether insightful, pithy, humorous, or just irresistibly self-aggrandizing. Members of the Maryland Writers’ Association (MWA) offers a panoply of the best the ego has to offer, from magnificent monologues to spectacular speeches to salacious snapshots culled straight out of celebrity memoirs. Join MWA members as they offer an entertaining spin on first person, singular.

We will be holding auditions at our chapter meeting on Monday, September 24th at Ukazoo in Towson. If you’re interested in participating, please bring an entertaining monologue to read. The monologue can be culled from any literary source you choose. We only ask that you keep it to six minutes or less to give as many people the chance to audition as possible. Sign up will begin at 6:30pm, and the meeting will begin promptly at 7:00pm. We recommend you arrive early, as we will have to stop at 8:30pm.

The Board will then choose who will grace the stage at the festival. A few rules to keep in mind.

  • While you do not have to be an MWA member to read at the audition, this is an MWA event. If you are chosen to read, it is expected that you will become a member by the time of the reading.
  • The Board reserves the right to have participants alter their readings for time, content, or any other reason deemed necessary.
  • The six-minute rule for auditions will be strictly enforced. Your audition will be timed, and if the buzzer goes off, you’ll be asked to step aside for the next reader. Going over your time, however, will not disqualify you from participation.
  • Auditions will end at 8:30pm. Ukazoo asks that we wrap up by 8:45pm, and we need time to inform the winners. Arrive early to best guarantee a chance to audition.

Well, that’s all, for now. Be sure to “follow” our blog to receive the latest news, as soon as it becomes available. We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks, and to the creative twists you will all bring to the art of the monologue. Until then, happy writing.


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