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MWA at the BBF

ImageFall is here, and that means the Baltimore Book Festival is right around the corner. What? THIS weekend?! O, my. Where did the time go. BookFest is already upon us, and, as usual, the Maryland Writers’ Association will be all over it.

Please pay our booth a visit. We will be located, as usual, among the booth circling the Washington Monument. There, you will be able to get information about joining that MWA and the upcoming Maryland Writers Conference, purchase copies of our anthologies, submit an entry to our drabble contest (A drabble is a short story exactly one hundred [100] words long.) for a chance at a prize package that includes reading your drabble on Sunday during the MWA’s presentation on the City Lit Stage.

What? What are we presenting on the City Lit Stage, you ask. Well…

Me, Myself & I: The Art of the Monologue

Everyone enjoys a good rant, whether insightful, pithy, humorous, or just irresistibly self-aggrandizing. Members of the Maryland Writers’ Association (MWA) offers a panoply of the best the ego has to offer, from magnificent monologues to spectacular speeches to salacious snapshots culled straight out of celebrity memoirs. Join MWA members as they offer an entertaining spin on the first person, singular.

 Readers will include Earl Crown, Chris August, LaTonia Valincia, Jason Harris, Virginia Crawford, & Karen Bennett, with Baltimore Chapter Vice President Shirley Brewer channeling her inner Princess Leia and a few interludes by your friendly neighborhood Word Pimp.

We close out the City Lit Stage on Sunday at 5:30PM.

As you can see, if you’re coming to BookFest, you can’t miss us… That is, unless you’re trying to ignore us, but we refuse be ignored. Please don’t ignore us. Stop by and say hello. Most of all, HAVE FUN.


Chris August is a performance poet from Baltimore, MD, where he hosted the Slamicide! poetry series from 2002 to 2009.  In 2011, he was named the number one ranked performance poet in the world at the Individual Word Poetry Slam held in Cleveland, Ohio.  Since then, he has toured the United States, Canada and Europe.  His latest book, A Life Called Special, chronicles his nearly ten years as a special educator.

Karen Bennett has 2 novels which placed in semifinals in the Wm. Faulkner Novel competitions, 2009 and 2012.  She has awards through the Maryland Writers’ Association for a novel and a short story.    Karen has published in print and on line, and is working on a book of creative non-fiction.

Earl Crown is loud, vulgar, and prone to violence.  His memoirs are
gradually being published in episodic form by magazines such as
“Smile, Hon, You’re in Baltimore” and “”.  Crown
is a regular contributor to the local horror ‘zine “Tales of Blood and
Roses”.  He short fiction has been published by the print and online
journal “Humanize”.  Crown’s work can also be found in the premier
issue of “Magic Octopus” magazine, as well as the online journal
“Gloom Cupboard”.  Earl Crown has been a featured performer at the
Stoop Storytelling Series, as well as a guest author at the New
Mercury Readings.  He is currently co-editing a new magazine,
“Kamikaze Woman” along with his colleague and publisher Jeffrey L.
Shipley for Unpopular Publications.  While you wage-slave for Wall
Street, Earl Crown occupies your girlfriends.

Jason Harris is the editor and publisher of REDLINES: Baltimore 2028,
an anthology of Speculative Fiction which went on sale THIS WEEKEND.
His work has appeared in the Catalyst Literary Journal, Black
Enterprise magazine and various community based print and online
publications. Jason currently works in a Baltimore area high school as
a support engineer. His writing can also be seen online at his

Latonia Valincia, poet, playwright and professor of English at Baltimore City Community College has served the Baltimore area in some capacity as educator for almost 20 years. She uses her creative talents to pen works that uncovers societal ills and bring them to the stage for critical thought and discussion. Her plays, Bootprints and Stilettos across the Serengeti, have been featured in the University of Baltimore’s Emerging Voices Projects, I and II. She has two collection of poetry, First Itch and And the Moon Never Moved as a part of her own publishing imprint, Zuna Ink, LLC. She lives in Baltimore city with one son, Doral.