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October Meeting Cancelled

Considering that there are both Maryland and Federal States of Emergency for our area due to Hurricane Sandy, we are cancelling tonight’s scheduled Baltimore Chapter Meeting. Please stay tuned to our blog ( or MWA’s Facebook page for updates on possible rescheduling and our upcoming November meeting. THANK YOU. Hope to see you all, soon.


FREEFALL into Moon Madness

ImageThe moon has been providing inspiration for artists and writers for centuries, if not longer. Whether the tenth century work, The Bamboo Cutter or Jules Vernes classic From the Earth to the Moon or the more recent The Distance of the Moon from Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics, lovely Luna has been a source tapped, time and again, for the literary endeavors of many an artist. For good reason! Not only is the moon the most prevalent and beautiful of the heavenly bodies in the night sky, but the moon carries with it a sense of intrigue and mystery, even in today’s post -lunar landing world. Not only that, but the moon’s effect on earth is one of the reason our planet can maintain the life it does.

Join us Wednesday, October 17, 2012 during FREE FALL: Literary Arts Week event for a night of Lunar LOVE. Bring your best writing about, or inspired by, the moon (3-5 minutes, please) and share it with other admirers of our lovely Luna. This event is FREE! we will have refreshments, including wine and perhaps beer. We will also have Tarot readings, prizes and other fun stuff. The Village Learning Place provides plenty of parking, as well. Details below. Hope to see you there.

ALSO: If you are the author of an indie book, please bring a copy to donate to the VLP’s burgeoning Local Indie Author’s section.

Village Learning Place
2521 St. Paul Street, Baltimore
MD 21218