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ImageSPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to Baltimore Chapter’s typical meeting date (fourth Monday of every month, save December) coinciding with Memorial Day, we have decided to move our May meeting to… JUNE 3, 2013.

We know. It’s a bit odd, but it’s better than competing with all the other Memorial Day activities. Besides, the date works better for our honored guests, Diane Booth and members of her Teen Writers’ Club.

Diane founded the Maryland Writers’ Association’s Teen Writers’ Club, and has worked diligently to nurture and expand the program from its original group to several all around the state. Please come and help us support Diane’s efforts to help turn teen writers into great writers.

Our May Chapter Meeting will take place on Monday, June 3, 2013 at Ukazoo Books, 730 Dulaney Valley Rd, Towson, MD 21204. Meeting begins at 7pm.

MWA’s Teens Writers’ Club brings highschoolers together after school to share their interest in writing. They learn how to improve their writing and try new approaches by meeting with authors and experts in the field. Topics include overcoming writers’ block, introducing dialogue, digging for facts and structuring poetry.

From the TWC Mission Statement:

“After more than 25 years as an on-staff writer/editor/reporter then as a freelance writer, I took a contract job with Baltimore County Public Schools Home & Hospital. I taught students determined by physicians to be too sick to attend school and, also, a limited number of expelled students who were deemed by court magistrates to need one-on-one instruction. Almost immediately I met high school students who bulked at writing assignments. They said that they did not like to write. Their attitudes soon changed, however, after I taught them how to develop a topic and how to move forward. Some went beyond minimum requirements. They took short essay-writing assignments and developed them into long stories or, even, books. Many embraced writer’s fever; they seemed to thrive on words and the creative process of writing. The students tried lots of different genres. Before my contracts ended, I realized that these teens likely had much in common with other teens who also liked to write but had no social outlet to share their talents. The Maryland Writers’ Association agreed to sponsor teen clubs to meet that need. MWA members volunteered to lead different clubs, and thus the number of clubs began to grow across the state and beyond.” Diane Booth