Baltimore Chapter Looking for New Officers

mwablogoMWA Chapter Election season is upon us, and sadly, we are losing three of the Baltimore Chapter’s officers. Fernando, Shirley & Neal (our current president, vice president & secretary, respectively) will be moving on to other projects after their terms are over. Fortunately, our treasurer, Gary Lester, has agreed to run for treasurer again. The time you would have to invest as an officer would not be onerous, but the experience would be enriching and valuable to your career as a writer. And with Gary’s veteran guidance to help you along, you can’t go wrong.

This year’s election is critical because three posts are becoming vacant simultaneously. The Baltimore Chapter needs to find candidates for at least President and Secretary to stand for election by our next chapter meeting on June 24. Otherwise, the Baltimore Chapter will be at risk of losing its standing with the MWA. Of course, we hope it doesn’t come to that.

If you would be interested in keeping the Baltimore Chapter going and helping to guide it over the next year, please contact us at Elections are currently scheduled for our chapter meeting on Monday, June 24 7pm, at Ukazoo Books.


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