September Speaker – C.J. Ellisson

At the September 23 meeting of the Baltimore Chapter of the MWA, we are pleased to present C.J. Ellisson, the author of the popular V V Inn series of books.  Ms. Ellisson will speak on building a platform to sell yourself and your book.  C.J. Ellisson came to writing four years ago, after owning a small business and working in commission sales for over a decade. Her background in marketing, art, sales, and a basic grasp of computers helped her to accomplish the following:


  • Write and publish her best selling vampire series, which has sold over 50k copies.
  • Start a small press, Red Hot Publishing, which publishes fifteen authors at this time.
  • Create all her bestselling self-pubbed covers, plus dozens more for other authors.
  • Learn to format print and eBooks, design and manage blogs, and handle basic website design.
  • Mentor dozens of writers in various stages of their careers, focusing on increasing the marketability of their work and gaining a readership.
  • Found a reader-centric Facebook Page and book club group, Red Hot Readers, that matches authors up with their three thousand interested readers.
  • Build an extensive reader base, which includes 2500 readers on her private email list, 20k+ followers on Facebook, and 300+ member street team.
  • Publish with a non-NY press and achieve USA Today & NYT bestseller status with the first book in her contemporary erotic romance series, Walk on the Wild Side.


Please join us for this fun, and informative presentation. 



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