The Maryland Writers’ Association (MWA) is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to the art, craft, and business of writing.

MWA strives to:

  • Bring together writers of all levels and disciplines
  • Serve as an information resource
  • Help members make contacts that lead to publication
  • Encourage writers to reach their full potential, and
  • Promote writing within the community.

MWA’s diverse membership ranges from professional freelancers and published authors, to writers aspiring to be published and those who write as a creative outlet.  Our members hail from all over Maryland.

Members produce both nonfiction and fiction, including novels, short stories, poetry, plays, scripts, speeches, feature articles, and essays. Some work in specific genres such as romance, science fiction, thriller, fantasy, children’s literature, travel writing, or biography.

  • Among MWA’s activities and services:
  • Monthly meetings with speakers
  • Annual writers’ conference
  • Member newsletter, Pen in Hand
  • Complimentary subscription to the creative journal Scribble
  • Writing workshops
  • Literary contests
  • Writing projects for children

5 responses to “About

  1. Thanks to all persons who voted for me in the election. Although I did not win, I will help the MWA in any way I am able to assist. Here are other writing organizations and classes:
    MARYLAND WRITERS ASSOCIATION. This is a writing organization. Most members are authors that includes all ethnic nationalities.
    WRITING OUTSIDE THE FENCE. This is an ongoing class every Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Employment Center , 3rd floor, in Mondawmin Mall. This class does in-class writing exercises, reads them, comments on writings. Out-of-class writing, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, memoirs, autobiography and other genres are read and critiqued by class members. This class is very good for helping newer writers to develop their writing style or voice due to a wide variety of expertise of class members. Twice a year (July and December) the class members participate in group readings that are open to the public. Classes are a lot of fun too. Members include all enthnic nationalities.

  2. I did not include the
    BLACK WRITERS GUILD. Most members are African American, but other ethnic nationalities have membership too. This is a very good group for networking, especially for unpublished writers seeking to get published. Speakers include authors, editors, marketing, and publishers. A lot of “how I did it” information is discussed, and mentoring too.

  3. Where does the Baltimore chapter on the 4th Monday of each month? I am the author of five published books and book number six is ready to be edited. contact me at barbara4025@verizon.net or 410-225-3620

    • Hi Barbara! We currently meet at Ukazoo at 7PM. In October, we’re meeting on the FIFTH Monday for our special Moon Mini Workshop.Hope to see you there!

  4. Barbara Mischke

    What is happening to this group…the info on this site is old…and it seems that something is missing in leadership or planning.

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