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September Speaker – C.J. Ellisson

At the September 23 meeting of the Baltimore Chapter of the MWA, we are pleased to present C.J. Ellisson, the author of the popular V V Inn series of books.  Ms. Ellisson will speak on building a platform to sell yourself and your book.  C.J. Ellisson came to writing four years ago, after owning a small business and working in commission sales for over a decade. Her background in marketing, art, sales, and a basic grasp of computers helped her to accomplish the following:


  • Write and publish her best selling vampire series, which has sold over 50k copies.
  • Start a small press, Red Hot Publishing, which publishes fifteen authors at this time.
  • Create all her bestselling self-pubbed covers, plus dozens more for other authors.
  • Learn to format print and eBooks, design and manage blogs, and handle basic website design.
  • Mentor dozens of writers in various stages of their careers, focusing on increasing the marketability of their work and gaining a readership.
  • Found a reader-centric Facebook Page and book club group, Red Hot Readers, that matches authors up with their three thousand interested readers.
  • Build an extensive reader base, which includes 2500 readers on her private email list, 20k+ followers on Facebook, and 300+ member street team.
  • Publish with a non-NY press and achieve USA Today & NYT bestseller status with the first book in her contemporary erotic romance series, Walk on the Wild Side.


Please join us for this fun, and informative presentation. 



The Next Year

On behalf of the Board, let me say thank you all for welcoming your new officers to the Board of the Baltimore Chapter of the Maryland Writers Association.  We are currently setting up our agenda for the year, including scheduling speakers, and working out the details for the Baltimore Book Festival.  As things develop, we will keep you posted through this site, as well as through the e-mail announcements for each meeting that come out every month.  We are looking forward to working with you through this year and can’t wait to meet more of you in person.