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To answer the question about Maryland Literary Agents

Sorry I didn’t get this information posted right away!  At our August meeting I was asked about local literary agents. As we suspected, there’s not a lot to choose from.I could only come up with three.

The Strachan Literary Agency is located in Annapolis. Even though they represent literary fiction and narrative nonfiction, they are currently not accepting any new clients.

The Janet Benrey Agency in Columbia represents adult commercial fiction but no science fiction, fantasy, or erotica, and they are also not accepting new clients. The agency’s website is benreyliterary.com in case you want to check them out later on.

I did find one local agency accepting new clients but they appear to focus on non-fiction. The agency is The Sagalyn Agency at http://www.sagalyn.com.

At the last two mystery conventions I’ve been at Brooks Sherman has been there. If you’ve written a thriller, you might want to google him. There’s a children’s conference coming up at the end of the month. The website is SCBWI.org. Take a look under the MidAtlantic Chapter.

As hard as it is to get an agent, I do think it’s worthwhile. A bestselling author at a sisters in crime meeting this month had some good advice. He suggested that you mix up the agents that you query since most of us do continue to edit our books during this time. Instead of sending to top agents all at once, mix the group up with moderately established agents and those from boutique agencies that are just getting started. That way, as your book gets better, you’ll still have some top agents left.  And nothing wrong with a boutique agency either.